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Automotive and Electromobility Industry.

Chihuahua moving to innovate!

Chihuahua is home to the most important auto parts producers in Mexico. It comprises more than 40 companies that create over 50,000 jobs.

We are experienced, 30 years ago our region created the maquiladora concept and now we are adapting for the challenges of the future. 

automative industry
automative industry

Chihuahua, The Future of Transportation!

Our region represents 38% of Chihuahua's GDP, double the national average and manufactures high-voltage charging cables of Tesla, GM, and Ford that drives electromobility innovation.

The 1st place in direct automotive employment in Mexico!

With more than 155K employees and 157 companies within the automotive cluster, Chihuahua exports over $55,218 million dollars.

1 to 3 USD Manufacturing exportations correspond  to automotive products.

Chihuahua benefits electromobility transition with a 20% of auto parts production increase.

Companies have partnered  to fund the development of  autonomous driving.

Chihuahua fosters the largest
automotive manufacturing!

With over 50 industrial parks, Chihuahua is well known for its automotive manufacturing, productivity mainstay and labor stability. Our region has become the major automotive manufacturing hub, with highly skilled talent who have embraced this culture.

Build You Vision

With Chihuahua

Build You Vision

With Chihuahua Global

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Our region is the 2nd Auto parts producer, contributing 14.4% of the national total.

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40% of total auto parts are required for vehicle assembling.

automative industry

Chihuahua's International Certifications

Chihuahua has built a certification network that potentiates the automotive manufacturing capabilities.

Our suppliers have several certifications, including:

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Chihuahua’s companies drive economic strengthening through industrial R&D competitiveness. More than 160 companies design, manufacture, assemble and market world-class products for the automotive sector.

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Chihuahua Global is the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), incorporated by the private sector
to promote Chihuahua, México, as a privileged destination for high-value investment projects.