The electromobility pioneers
in Mexico

The electromobility pioneers in Mexico

Automotive companies In Chihuahua


The future of mobility in Chihuahua

Innovative electronic

The State of Chihuahua is embracing the transition to e-mobility in the automotive industry by developing a statewide strategy to increase its competitiveness and identify key capabilities needed to take advantage of current and future business opportunities in this changing sector.

The William Davidson Institute of the University of Michigan, State Government, and Technology & Innovation Institutes worked together to develop the roadmap for the transition to e-mobility.

Many automotive companies in Chihuahua are actively engaged in the EV value chain and/or planning to develop further capabilities. The state also has many relevant assets that could be used to enable innovation, facilitate the reskilling of the workforce, and develop new talent. You can leverage Chihuahua’s strengths for your future projects.

Quality and precision
behind the wheel


Discover why Chihuahua has a nationwide relevance in the automotive & mobility industry. Here are some numbers to back what we say:

Billion USD in exports​
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Nationwide leaders in racks manufacturing
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Automotive companies
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Design & Engineering Centers
Autoparts producer
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Driving towards automotive autonomy

The electromobility
pioneers in Mexico

Each of the capabilities you find in Chihuahua is ideal for the development of your project, adapting to the requirements of quality (ISO, IATF), precision and safety. A few examples are:

Qualified automotive development

Mexico is the second largest auto parts producer in the world

By having the capacity of more than 400 automotive companies, we provide the variety of talent that your project requires, generating manufacturing products of the highest quality and at a competitive price.

Main products manufactured in Chihuahua are:

Why in

Chihuahua has the most strategic location of the country for foreign companies,being on the border with Texas & New Mexico. We have earned an international reputation, which has contributed to the attraction of international automotive companies from countries like the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Ireland, China, among others.

The state of Chihuahua has become a leader in the Automotive Industry due to its qualified labor, industrial capabilities, union free environment and international connection.


The electromobility pioneers in Mexico