Chihuahua: A Medical Industry
leader in Mexico

Chihuahua: A Medical Industry leader in Mexico

Medical companies in Chihuahua

Raising industry expectations

Medical device

Chihuahua has been a key pillar to the medical industry in Mexico for the last decades, growing every year in exports, employees and number of companies established. Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the growth and relevance of Chihuahua in this industry

Chihuahua is home to more than 55 companies in the medical sector, who have set up operations in Chihuahua, employing over 60,000 people. With over 3 Billion USD in exports per year, Chihuahua has been recognized for its high quality solutions in life sciences, medical devices and healthcare.

Main products manufactured

National leader in the
Medical Industry:

National leader
in the Medical Industry:

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Main exports destinations

Source: Secretaria de Economia

United States





The logical choice for nearshoring


Chihuahua has the most strategic location of the country for foreign companies, right in the middle of the US-Mexico border having Texas & New Mexico as neighbors, making it the busiest commercial beltway on the border. Chihuahua has earned an international reputation, which has contributed to the attraction of foreign investment from Europe, Asia & NorthAmerica.
The state of Chihuahua has become a leader in several industries due to its qualified labor, industrial capabilities, union free environment and international connection. But, we will let the numbers speak for us.

Chihuahua strengthens your company's logistics and provides outstanding services for the industry​