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Aerospace industry

We proudly have both the biggest aerospace machining center and the biggest wire harness fabrication center in the world. Learn why here.

Electronics Industry

We are the #1 computer manufacturer in the country, and the biggest electronics exporter in Mexico. Connect to the global and advanced electronics market that Chihuahua offers and be part of our success.

Automotive Industry

We are the electromobility pioneers in Mexico, the #1 employer in the automotive industry and #2 autoparts manufacturer in the country.

Medical Devices Industry

Chihuahua is home to a broad array of manufacturing capabilities to support medical device manufacturers, contract manufacturers and suppliers producing Class I, II and III medical devices, making us a medical industry leader in Mexico.

Main Players

These companies have trusted and grown in Chihuahua for decades for a reason, what are you waiting for to be part of this business environment?
Do you want to take advantage of the regionalization of the North American market, increase productivity and reduce costs?

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