One of the most integrated
Aerospace Clusters in Mexico

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Today, the aerospace industry is in constant growth. The new capabilities achieved thanks to technology, process improvement and personnel specialization have led us to new horizons.

In Chihuahua, we operate according to the Triple Helix Model of Innovation, which refers to constant interactions between Government and Academia, led by the industry vision formed by the aerospace companies, the government participation, and educational institutions in the state. If your company is looking to strengthen its supply chain to operate smoothly and with the support of certified centers and suppliers, this is your opportunity.

Aerospace Companies In Chihuahua

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The future of aerospace manufacturing and processes lies in the powerful state of Chihuahua, the most strategic region for foreign companies, as well as one of the most important manufacturing centers in Latin America. Thanks to advanced processes and a highly skilled workforce, results have been achieved and drive the development of world-class products in the aerospace sector.

One of the most integrated
Aerospace Cluster in Mexico

Billion USD in exports
Certified suppliers​
Design, engineering
& innovation centers
for aerospace sector ​
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Some fun facts of the Aerospace Industry in Chihuahua


Honeywell has the biggest machining center in Latin America, established in Chihuahua

Safran has the biggest wire harness fabrication center in the World, established in Chihuahua


65% of Bell’s 407 and 429 Helicopters are assembled in Chihuahua

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Source: Secretaria de Economia

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United Kingdom


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Why is Chihuahua
the future?

Chihuahua has the most strategic location of the country for foreign companies, being on the border with Texas & New Mexico. We have earned an international reputation, which has contributed to the attraction of international Aerospace companies from countries like France, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil.

The state of Chihuahua has become a leader in the Aerospace Industry due to its qualified labor, industrial capabilities, union free environment and international connection.

As the largest state in the country, Chihuahua has enormous potential for expansion and a solid infrastructure that provides a more secure investment for foreign companies. Likewise, the state provides advanced engineering talent and high-level projects that strengthen the supply chain for aerospace companies.


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