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Abitat Construction Solutions

More than 35 years of experience in construction, they focus on creating architectural designs based on world class design and construction, safety, and a customized approach to each client. Present in 23 states in Mexico.

+52 614 442 0500


Leading industrial construction companies in Mexico with over 50 years of offering flexible construction solutions on more than 400 design and build projects accounting for more than 38 Million Sq. Ft.

+52 614 196 2478


A company with more than 47 years bringing good projects to reality, being committed to the best quality of construction rooted in integrity, developing competitiveness,responsibility, and innovation.

+52 614 411-1136

EGA Project Management

A company specializing in project management while fostering close collaboration with its clients. Their approach prioritizes the distinctive qualities of each project, aiming to enhance it to its fullest potential.

+52 (81) 8363-2380

Global Engineering Group

A cluster of companies that work together to provide a comprehensive construction and engineering in the industrial & commercial markets for more than 25 years.

+52 656 623 2823


Lintel works with each client, defining every project scope and requirements clearly and precisely, bringing experience, integrated teams, original solutions, and intelligence to the entire life of your global construction investment.

+52 656 688-0000