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Real Estate Developers

American Industries Group

A private company based in Mexico, established in 1976, helping over 250 international companies start up and grow through Shelter

+52 656 629 2611

Fibra Macquarie

A Mexican real estate investment trust, listed on the Mexican stock exchange. It is focused on the acquisition, ownership, leasing, and management of industrial and retail real estate properties in Mexico.

+52 656 257 1881


Finsa is a Mexican Industrial Real Estate Development company with 45 years of experience with one of the largest portfolios in Latin America.

+52 81 8152 4200


Intermex has been part of the success of over 200 multi-national companies manufacturing in Mexico. The process of combining foreign capital and technology with Mexican labor through the shelter program and the development of +20M Sq. Ft. in Mexico has become the core value of Intermex for over 50 years.

+52 800 707 3515

Ixtlan Inmobiliaria

Empresas Ixtlan is a proud member of Chihuahua Global, they are focused on offering the best real estate solutions for planning, development and construction in Mexico.

+52 656 618 9450

Los Bravos Inmobiliaria

A family company born in Juarez with more than 30 years of experience as a Real Estate Developer. They have developed more than 1.5 million sq.ft. in Juarez, working with many multinational companies to bring their ideas to reality.

+52 656 618 6060


A leading Mexican real estate development company with more than 16 years of experience developing industrial and commercial real estate projects. Our track record includes 93 projects, 965K sqm of GLA, US$700M invested, and a 98% historic occupancy rate.

+52 55 5257 5881


Prologis is a global company dedicated to acquiring and developing high quality logistics real estate all across the world, focusing on environmentally friendly facilities that allow their clients to meet their sustainability goals.

+52 656 633 0000

Real Estate Management and Services Group

A conglomerate of Mexican companies that directly participates in the acquisition, development, leasing and administration of industrial real estate projects in all the main markets in Mexico.

+52 614 161 0188

Roca Desarrollos

Roca Desarrollos is an industrial real estate company, created with the objective of developing industrial warehouses meeting the growing need for Class "A" spaces for lease in the manufacturing and logistics sectors in Mexico.

+52 800 800 0420

San Jeronimo Group

A project conceived as a New City near the border between Mexico and The United States, providing sustainable developments and generating an economic, social, and ecological equilibrium for a more productive life.

+52 614 418 6262


A Real Estate trust that specializes in industrial developments in Mexico with the purpose of creating new investments through their efficient and competitive real estate solutions.

+52 656 279 8106


Fibra Upsite is a real estate vehicle with a unique investment approach, focused on value cycles and boosting business operations through the development of highly efficient industrial real estate properties. Fibra Upsite's objective is to develop the best relationship with its clients and generate attractive returns for investors as a result of their participation in the entire development chain.

+52 55 2167 0977


A Mexican public company that develops, operates and leases industrial buildings & distribution centers in Mexico. Currently with buildings in 15 strategic states of Mexico.

+52 656 378 0330