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The food agribusiness and livestock industry guarantees a high level of consumption and promotes the regional brands, where agri-food production has become an essential part of industrial investment.

The industry is undergoing a disruptive and decisive transformation towards digitalization and sustainability to face new challenges and adapt to new consumer trends. 

Chihuahua, produces and exports countless products all over the world. From agriculture products like apples and cotton to cattles of farm animals.

Chihuahua is the first national place in pistachios, apples, cotton, nuts, green peppers, peanuts, and onions production.

Agroindustry Opportunities Await!

Chihuahua Global

Chihuahua has a diverse workforce in the primary sector and world-class automated processes that develops an enterprising ecosystem across the entire agri-food value chain.


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Agroindustry Infrastructure

With Chihuahua Global

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Agribusiness represents 6% of Chihuahua’s GDP.

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1st place nationally in Apple, Soy Seed, Cotton, Walnut, and Oat Grain Seed production.


Chihuahua, The Right Place For Business!

Chihuahua supports a strong, highly integrated and vibrant FDI sector. International an local companies from a broad range of sectors have continued to demonstrate confidence in Chihuahua’s ability to house their operations.

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Why is Chihuahua's Agroindustry your best investment option?

In Chihuahua, agriculture, livestock, fruit and poultry farming, and food industry have been a cornerstone for years. With so many exported products, Chihuahua has become a national leader in the agro-industrial sector.

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International Investment


Chihuahua Global is the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), incorporated by the private sector
to promote Chihuahua, México, as a privileged destination for high-value investment projects.