Why Invest

In Chihuahua?

Chihuahua, The best home in Mexico for your business

The aerospace, medical sciences, automotive, logistics, electronics, and agribusiness industries have developed a notable presence in the border region over the last several decades. 

The Texas-New Mexico-Chihuahua region stretches approximately 500 miles and is located right in the middle of the United States. Connected with highly developed ports of entry, railways and airports, Chihuahua offers a unique manufacturing and logistics platform.

Chihuahua’s has great strategic location, innovation, and advanced processes to offer potential development to big companies in the industry.

Our state leads the national sales market in Data Processing Machines and Units, Electrical Wires and Cables, Instruments and Devices for Medical Sciences.

Let's Build Something Great Together!

Chihuahua’s City is a great place to settle and live in because of our equity conditions, quality public spaces, connectivity, safety, and mobility.

1st Place with the highest quality of life.

4th Place nationally in the
quality of life index.

6th Place for the most
competitive region.

4th Place most sustainable region.

Your Business Expansion Destination!

The industry is undergoing a disruptive and decisive transformation towards digitalization, sustainability to face new challenges.




Build Your Vision

The IMMEX Program seeks to increase the competitiveness of Mexican manufacturing in the international market. 

The IMMEX Program is an initiative to stimulate foreign investment in the country’s manufacturing sector. This program establishes a series of tax benefits for the manufacturing companies that repair, transform or manufacture merchandise.

Chihuahua generates over 407,956 direct jobs, ranking first nationally in employability among the manufacturing sector with 490 companies affiliated to IMMEX.

We offer accesible labor costs in the North American region; about six times lower than the United States and Canada. In addition, compared to Latin America, Mexico is more accesible than Brazil and Argentina.

Industries Growing Investment.

Chihuahua, Mexico, as a privileged destination for high-value investment projects. 

We work directly with high-level enterprises to unlock investment opportunities and facilitate expansion bringing strategic allies, and government partners to offer seamless support services and grow operations.

Today we invest. Tomorrow we lead.

Chihuahua in figures.

Foreign Investment
Export Manufacturing

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The Future Is Ours.

Why is living in Chihuahua the best choice?

In addition to its extensive natural and tourist offerings, Chihuahua has a wide multicultural, inclusive, and diverse society, which has positioned itself as an added value of great interest for foreign travelers and new residents. 

One of our objectives is to promote safety and integrity for our new residents by giving them the confidence that their family is always in good hands.

Your Gateway To

North America

Chihuahua Global is the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), incorporated by the private sector
to promote Chihuahua, México, as a privileged destination for high-value investment projects.