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Chihuahua Global

What is Chihuahua Global?

Your gateway to North America

Chihuahua Global is an initiative of private companies to promote and connect investors to the state of Chihuahua.  We exist to advance the state of Chihuahua and attract foreign investors. It is expected that they will bring high-value projects that will generate economic development in the region.

The State oF Chihuahua
The State of Chihuahua as a gateway to North America

What is the mission of Chihuahua Global?

The mission of Chihuahua Global is to coordinate, lead and consolidate the promotion and attraction of industrial investments. The ultimate goal is the region’s economic development and the positioning of Chihuahua among the top three most attractive destinations for high value-added industrial investment in specialized sectors.

Our Economic Development Corporation is the image representative of the business community in the area, both in the public and private sectors. Entrepreneurs in the region decided to put aside self-interest and unify all advertising for the state’s common good.

Why invest in the state of Chihuahua? 

One of the most notable advantages of the state of Chihuahua is its position right between the United States and México. It makes it a gateway to North America. We are home to large companies in the electronics industry, aerospace industry, automotive mobility, and medical industries.

Some of the benefits that Chihuahua Global offers to its allies and that is essential in investor decision-making are:

  • The industrial culture takes three generations, making the workforce highly qualified, large, and stable.
  • Of direct foreign investment, Chihuahua contributes 4.3% of the national total.
  • More than 5,000 engineering graduates.
  • It has 10border crossings with the US, 2 international airports, 2,655 km of railways, and 13,045 roads and highways.
  • 29k + jobs and 53 companies that produce cutting-edge products in medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

A State ready for industry

At this time, the leading industries in Chihuahua Global are 5. Let’s see some data about each one of them.

Electronics industry

It has more than 94 thousand employees and 126 companies. It places it in 3rd place in terms of foreign direct investment in the electronics area.

Automotive industry

Chihuahua has 2 OEM’s in the automotive industry such as Ford and BRP. It is the number 1 employer in this industry, with 157 companies and more than 155 thousand employees.

Medical device

We produce medical devices and pharmaceutical products with the most advanced technology. There are a total of 60 thousand employees distributed among 55 companies.

Logistics and Transportation

Its geographical position makes it an ideal center to transport all kinds of merchandise between Central and North America. Consequently, many corporations with a global reach use Chihuahua Global to satisfy their logistics needs.

Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry represents  30% of employment in Chihuahua. More than 17,000 employees, 40 certified suppliers, and 6 of the eight original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are situated here.

Innovation and technology in chihuahua

The focus is on adding valuable technology in the state, applying those that strengthen advanced manufacturing offerings, quality processes and products, and keeping up with technology innovation. These are the bases that most interest potential investors.

The purpose is to improve Mexico’s productivity and cost/effectiveness in the most competitive sectors. That’s why technological advances are not the highest priority.

All efforts seek to be at the top of the states that attract the most foreign investment. Thus, it doesn’t just benefit corporations; it also creates well-paying jobs and generally improves the quality of life in Chihuahua.

Investment partners that are part of Chihuahua Global

37 organizations in total make up this project, some of which are:

Moreover, some other organizations that, although they are not members as such, have alliances. Among them, we can mention the Baja Team, AutoCluster Chihuahua, Chihuahua’s Aerospace Cluster, or the French – Mexico Chamber of Industrial Commerce. You can discover all the alliances and members of Chihuahua Global here.

Invest in Chihuahua

There is no doubt that Chihuahua Global will continue to grow and improve the lives of thousands of people and business opportunities. Chihuahua has a qualified labor force to cover foreign projects immediately. There is also quality labor in medium and large companies with high capacities to export products to other countries.

Therefore, not only the region benefits but also the company that decides to invest in it.  Chihuahua Global promotes solutions, comprehensive project manufacturing capacity, machinery installation, reliable suppliers with high ability, logistical advantages, and land to install your organization in the state of Chihuahua.  Therefore, if you are going to invest, make sure you do it right, and that is why Chihuahua Global exists.


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