Desarrollo económico en las industrias de Chihuahua


El estado de Chihuahua destaca en estos ultimos años por el notable crecimiento y desarrollo económico que ha experimentado. En cuanto al sector industrial, sigue en expansión. Muestra de ello, es la abundancia de parques industriales en la región y el aumento de oportunidades de empleos formales.     Desarrollo económico del estado de Chihuahua En los […]

Electromobility: The future of the automotive industry


Automobiles are an integral part of our everyday life. With the advancement in electric vehicles, industries will experience big changes that support this new technology through markets such as India where they’re experimenting with its transition into their marketplaces and how it can be used best for them. This new form of transport will not […]

BRP Growing with Ciudad Juarez


BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), a Canadian company dedicated to recreational products manufacturing. Besides being recognized as a leader in employment in our region, BRP has decided to continue growing in Ciudad Juarez. How? With the opening of its new plant, BRP has made a 185 million dollars investment in Chihuahua to develop new buildings and […]