Recuperación de la Industria Aeroespacial en México, durante el 2022

aerospace industry

La Federación Mexicana de la Industria Aeroespacial (FEMIA) declaró que durante el 2022 se espera que las exportaciones de este sector sean de aproximadamente 8 millones de dólares. Este cambio refleja una recuperación del 83% en comparación, a su última ganancia en ventas, antes de la crisis sanitaria, durante el 2019, con 9 mil 600 […]

Chihuahua’s Statistical report September 2021

Report September 2021

Chihuahua Global has been in charge of promoting the main manufacturing capabilities of the region. All due to the great work and evolution within the different business sectors.  Currently, Chihuahua is in the 9th national position for employment-generating companies this year. So far, it has achieved a total of 939,840 jobs, and during 2021 there […]

30 mil empleos más en la industria manufacturera de Chihuahua


Con el movimiento que existe actualmente de industrias de trasladar su fuerza de trabajo de Asia a México, lo que podría beneficiar a las industrias en el estado de Chihuahua.  Román Rivas Hong, presidente de Index Chihuahua, declaró que durante los próximos tres años se espera que la industria maquiladora y de manufactura genere alrededor […]

Aerospace industry is booming in the state of Chihuahua

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The aerospace industry has seen its need for fast recovery grow after being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are one of Chihuahua’s primary goals in helping that economy recover, which they have done so successfully through providing jobs and economic opportunities.  Myrna de las Casas, Cluster Aerospace Director in Chihuahua has been pushing […]

Industrial Real Estate Market Report: Northwest Mexico

Vesta Park Juarez Sur - Chihuahua Global

As a result of the pandemic, the real estate market in the northeast of Mexico suffered a severe economic blow. Despite the losses and the delay, large companies continued to manufacture and work. This year there was a growth in manufacturing and construction of 35% compared to 2020, where there was a decline of 0.5%. […]

<strong>Benefits of the IMMEX Program for FDI</strong>

IMMEX Program

Mexico created the IMMEX Program to stimulate the growth of its economy. Therefore, it implemented measures that support the operation of its industrial parks, especially the manufacturing sector. The IMMEX Program seeks to increase the competitiveness of the national industry in the international context. Among the objectives, it adapts the facilities’ physical and technological infrastructure […]

Chihuahua: Your best option to invest in México


Chihuahua has become the best state to invest in México. Currently, the state has experienced economic growth reinforced by its strategic commercial location. The United States’ proximity consolidated Chihuahua as the ideal state to import and export raw materials for the manufacturing industry. Chihuahua is also among the states with the best fiscal performance and […]

Chihuahua Targets New Investment


Q: What is Chihuahua Global’s role in attracting investment to the state?  A: Chihuahua Global is a private sector initiative that highlights the state’s attractiveness as an investment destination. The state has always been in the Top 5 for FDI and it is where the concept of maquiladora was invented, which has also been very […]

Statistical report of Chihuahua May 2021

chihuahua global

Chihuahua is one of the states with the highest economic activity in Mexico. It occupies the 7th national place in economic growth and the 1st national place in the least occupation in the informal sector. This means that the rate of labor informality in the city is very low. In addition, it ranks 1st in […]

What is Chihuahua Global?

Chihuahua Global

Your gateway to North America Chihuahua Global is an initiative of private companies to promote and connect investors to the state of Chihuahua.  We exist to advance the state of Chihuahua and attract foreign investors. It is expected that they will bring high-value projects that will generate economic development in the region. What is the mission […]