Chihuahua’s Statistical report September 2021

Report September 2021

Chihuahua Global has been in charge of promoting the main manufacturing capabilities of the region. All due to the great work and evolution within the different business sectors.  Currently, Chihuahua is in the 9th national position for employment-generating companies this year. So far, it has achieved a total of 939,840 jobs, and during 2021 there […]

Impulso de la producción vitivinicultura en Chihuahua


El estado de Chihuahua cuenta con 370.3 hectáreas de uva, que lo convierten en el cuarto lugar de plantación para vino en México.  Delicias fue la cuna de la vitivinicultura en el estado, ya que en 1935 los residentes europeos que habitaban la localidad hicieron popular el consumo del vino en el área.  Sin embargo […]

Se recupera la industria constructora en Chihuahua

Chihuahua global

La industria constructora sufrió una recuperación durante el mes de septiembre del 2021 en Chihuahua, de acuerdo a datos del INEGI, registró una tasa del 15.48%.  Durante el noveno mes del presente año, las empresas constructoras tuvieron una inversión de 1264, 734, 237 pesos, superando la cifra que alcanzaron durante el 2020 en el mismo […]

30 mil empleos más en la industria manufacturera de Chihuahua


Con el movimiento que existe actualmente de industrias de trasladar su fuerza de trabajo de Asia a México, lo que podría beneficiar a las industrias en el estado de Chihuahua.  Román Rivas Hong, presidente de Index Chihuahua, declaró que durante los próximos tres años se espera que la industria maquiladora y de manufactura genere alrededor […]

Benefits and differences between ally-shoring, nearshoring, and offshoring


In the corporate world, ally-shoring, nearshoring, and offshoring modalities are emerging. These 3 are strategies under which companies redesign their production supply chains, generating benefits for the companies involved. For there to be investment opportunities, there must be economic stability, a better legal framework, cultural and geographical similarities, these are not infallible formulas, but they […]

Electromobility: The future of the automotive industry


Automobiles are an integral part of our everyday life. With the advancement in electric vehicles, industries will experience big changes that support this new technology through markets such as India where they’re experimenting with its transition into their marketplaces and how it can be used best for them. This new form of transport will not […]

Ford Celebrates 38 years in Chihuahua

Ford celebra 38 años en Chihuahua

The First Ford Plant Opened in Chihuahua, turn 38 years With the implementation of Tempo and Topaz to Ford’s catalog in 1980s, it became necessary for them opened a new complex with the purposeful of produce motors cars as an opportunity by helping the global demand.  The Ford Motor Company has been operating in Chihuahua […]

Lexmark grows in innovation and development in Juarez


Lexmark company, after 25 years of growing in the border region, has decided to build an ink armor and cartridge complex in the zone, to supply other countries.  Guillermo Gallegos, director-general of Lexmark Juarez, said that the talent of workers in the city had transformed this complex into one of the most relevant to the […]

Aerospace industry is booming in the state of Chihuahua

chihuahua global

The aerospace industry has seen its need for fast recovery grow after being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are one of Chihuahua’s primary goals in helping that economy recover, which they have done so successfully through providing jobs and economic opportunities.  Myrna de las Casas, Cluster Aerospace Director in Chihuahua has been pushing […]