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Electronics Industry.


Chihuahua’s Electronics Industry Built On Strategy

The electronics and Electromechanical Manufacturing sector continues to reshape itself to respond to market forces from Ultra HD TVs to digital LCD signage, PCBs,  electronic integrated circuits, components or telecommunication devices, and aging infrastructure.

Establish your electronics manufacturing business in Chihuahua with our support services. Chihuahua Global will help at any stage of the process.

Chihuahua, electronics industry leader!

Chihuahua, the third-largest city in Mexico with more than 94k employees working at 126 electronics companies provides the perfect infrastructure for safe investments.

Chihuahua, key destination
for electronics manufacturers!


Chihuahua’s industries growth has knowledge-based innovation, specialized talent, and risk-reducing support services.  
Our region provides a network of  advanced manufacturing,  technology and  innovation that meets complex demands.

Ready for electronics industry investment!

With Chihuahua Global

Ready for electronics industry investment!

With Chihuahua Global

Electronics industry

The electronics industry will see an increase over this time period and going forward into 2022-2023.

aerospace industry

Chihuahua helps your company to get started on production in 30 days! 

Chihuahua, High-Powered Electronics Industry!

With a talented, cost-effective labor pool, direct access to high-demand consumer markets in the United States, Chihuahua has the best business infrastructure and location for electromechanical manufacturing ecosystem development.


With Integrated Supply Chains,
Get the best opportunities!

Our manufacturers work directly with global investors to unlock investment opportunities and facilitate expansion in Chihuahua. We bring industry, community, and government partners together to offer seamless advanced supply chains.

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Chihuahua Global is the Economic Development Corporation (EDC), incorporated by the private sector to promote Chihuahua, México, as a privileged destination for high-value investment projects.