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Electromobility: The future of the automotive industry

Automobiles are an integral part of our everyday life. With the advancement in electric vehicles, industries will experience big changes that support this new technology through markets such as India where they’re experimenting with its transition into their marketplaces and how it can be used best for them.

This new form of transport will not only change the way we move from place to place, but it could also revolutionize an entire industry.

Chihuahua Global is working to promote the development in the automotive industry, with a goal for the growth of the economy and better quality of life.

What is electromobility?

The use of electric vehicles is environmentally friendly since they do not produce any kind of air pollution.

The electromobility definition refers to the transportations driven by this form of energy source. These cars are perfect for conservation purposes because it reduces our dependency on fossil fuels while preserving environmental quality!

Smart Cities: Electromobility 

The future of transportation may be in your hands! The electromobility is considered afoot as the best product within the vehicle sector.

The electromobility has opened opportunities to the automotive industry business and it’s blooming the environment industries in different regions. The electronic implementations in the automobiles have made transportations more energetically efficient; has reduced the emissions of the greenhouse effect, their dependence on petrol and its bringing better quality of local air.

Electromobility in México 

This new electric fabrication could be a key opportunity for México’s economy, as it will help innovate and establish business practices. 

The technology is at an early stage in its development but this can lead to major economic contributions within Mexico with improved efficiency and productivity overall among other things.

A company that is shaping up to be a leader in the electromobility industry is BOSCH since they have begun developing their efforts with electric car production, batteries, and fuel cells.

The BOSH first car plant opened in Mexico in 1955. From its beginning to now, it’s generated more than 2 900 million dollars and continues growing with the new sector for electric cars on the rise!

Nowadays, we’re putting in place laws that hopefully will be executed. Never less, these new manufacturing industries already exist and the high demand for electric cars only grows constantly.

The electromobility industry in Chihuahua 

The region of Juarez, Chihuahua is one the biggest in auto parts production and it’s known to boast top honors when comes down to use manufacture.

The upcoming launch of the electric car industry will create more jobs and benefit our economy.

The National Autoparts Industry President in Mexico, Óscar Albín said that the harnesses are a very important part of the manufacture car development and with electric cars, on their way in Mexico there will be an increment for 20% more auto parts production.

The electromobility industry

The automotive industry has been a driving force in the development and globalization of Mexico. With advancements coming from electric vehicles, KIA Group is prepared for this new era by being seen less like just an “average” manufacturer but rather a supplier to other brands looking into mobility solutions.

Chihuahua, Mexico is a hotbed for new technologies and electric cars. The state has fifth place as a producer of auto parts with high-quality work labor that specializes in fabrication processes. It’s no wonder that every way, chihuahuas produce millions of auto parts and 40% of all parts needed to assemble some cars here!

The Automotive Cluster of Chihuahua holds a monthly meeting where leaders from 21 companies come together to discuss challenges and develop strategies that will bring benefits for the region’s competitiveness, innovation technology implementation projects with high value to the sector. 


Chihuahua Global, a save betting in Chihuahua

In Chihuahua Global, we have been working to grow the investment and innovation in order for more projects from this state. We are generating almost 3% of GDP as well as 18% of the manufacturing GDP. 

Chihuahua Global, a company that specializes in investment and development of projects for the state is focused on five fields: supply chain management technologies; industrial design; construction engineering works such as consulting services or manufacturing plants which can be used by other companies if they choose not to do it themselves. 

Chihuahua Global makes it possible for international investors to grow in their specialized sector, confronting challenges and changes in the market.

If you are looking for fabrication by agreement in México, Chihuahua is the place to go.


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