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Report September 2021

Chihuahua’s Statistical report September 2021

Chihuahua Global has been in charge of promoting the main manufacturing capabilities of the region. All due to the great work and evolution within the different business sectors. 

Currently, Chihuahua is in the 9th national position for employment-generating companies this year. So far, it has achieved a total of 939,840 jobs, and during 2021 there will be 36,246 new workers. Chihuahua has achieved national and international production to satisfy different businesses.

Investment growth in Chihuahua

The investment market has been boosted in recent years. This is one of the reasons why the region currently has 64% of total foreign investment. Distributed within different sectors as follows according to the Ministry of Innovation and economic development:

  • Manufacturing 67.1%
  • Mining extraction 12.4%
  • Financial services 3.8%
  • Transportation 11.3%
  • Trade 2.6%
  • Information in the Media 0.9%
  • Energy 0.6%
  • Construction 0.2%

Among these investors, the main ally has been the United States with a total of 46%. After this, Germany follows with 15% and another 33 countries distributed in the other continents. Chihuahua occupies the 6th national position as a capturing state of foreign investment since 2013.

Mexico has great capacities, making 92% of the manufactured medical devices to be exported to the United States. In addition to being also the 4th global position in auto parts suppliers for vehicles.

Chihuahua is the great beneficiary

All these numbers can only mean that Chihuahua has been working to grow constantly. Beyond the contributions that it is obtaining through its different companies, it has achieved recognition in Mexico.

Different companies had trust in the potential that Chihuahua has as a state. Growth, innovation, and workforce keep evolving, with highly skilled and experienced supply chains.

Chihuahua Global continues to promote the state’s high performance

After being an Economic Development Corporation, Chihuahua Global, seeks to continue promoting the state. The existing potential to sustain high-value projects from foreign investors is high. In addition to this, this growth will contribute to constant expansion and more development opportunities.

By: Prontuario Estadístico, CHIHUAHUA, Septiembre 2021.


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