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Chihuahua: Your best option to invest in México

Chihuahua has become the best state to invest in México. Currently, the state has experienced economic growth reinforced by its strategic commercial location.

The United States’ proximity consolidated Chihuahua as the ideal state to import and export raw materials for the manufacturing industry.

Chihuahua is also among the states with the best fiscal performance and administration, demonstrating transparency and consistency in its budget activity. For all of this, Mexico has shown an increase at the economic level.

A report by INEGI positions the state as a leader in export terms, with 15% at the national level. It also indicates that the result for Chihuahua is the highest in the region. The state has shown that it occupies the fourth national position in the construction area, covering the real estate fields.

Chihuahua as a place of exponential investments

Many reasons position Chihuahua as a place for foreign direct investment potential. The main one is the security offered by the state to its investors.

There is a projection of massive growth in the states’ municipalities, of which Ciudad Juárez stands out. It is the city that has the most logistics connections to the United States.

Financial opportunities increase with the facilities provided by the state to international business relations. The use of foreign relations impacts Chihuahua’s economy, having the advantage of better connection with foreign businesses.


Chihuahua as a location for Manufacturing in México

Chihuahua has been in progress during the last decade by comparing the State Competitiveness index for 2013 and the current index.

By 2013 it was ranked 20th, according to IMCO. Then, in 2020, it ranked fifth. So its economic growth has been remarkable.

In addition, it is considered the state with the highest position in international relations. Its proximity to the United States is an opportunity used to import and export merchandise. Therefore, it is one of the most competitive states in the Mexican market.

Ciudad Juárez is the one that has evolved the most economically; Chihuahua’s city has the largest number of foreign commercial alliances and solid industrial bases. It has almost 20 public parks, so it is even a great place to live.

Foreign trade

Chihuahua is considered the most suitable state for long-term investments. Its location has been preferred among foreigners for conducting business.

Its main international bridges are:

  • Cordova –  Americas 
  • Zaragoza – Ysleta
  • Lerdo – Stanton
  • Paso del Norte – El Paso – Santa Fe
  • Guadalupe – Tornillo
  • Fort Hancock–El Porvenir International Bridge
  • Presidio–Ojinaga 
  • Presidio–Ojinaga Rail Bridge
  • San Jeronimo – Santa Teresa

Foreign investment and Chihuahua GDP

Chihuahua is currently in the second position that receives foreign investment in Mexico, demonstrated by the IMCO, which ensures the registration of exports in Chihuahua that exceed 140% of its GDP. Meanwhile, the national average figure is 30%.

Detailed foreign investment figures show that for every 1,000 Mexican pesos of GDP, it was a recipient of 0.7 dollars. The previous being much more than the figures for other states.

Its mainly international sales during 2020 were:

  • Taiwan: For an amount of $ 370,000
  • China: With a figure of 1.7 million dollars.
  • United States: Being the country with the highest figure, it reached 2.7 million dollars

During the first quarter of 2021, FDI in Chihuahua already exceeded $ 500,000. Of these, $ 280,000 was distributed for utility reinvestment. On the other hand, 190,000 dollars were distributed between company accounts, and only 46,000 were destined for new investments.

Quality of life in Chihuahua

At the national level, Chihuahua positions third place in the Mexican quality of life index. Among the 20 cities evaluated, San Luis Potosí, which occupied the first place, and Merida surpassed it.

Chihuahua is listed as the first state in budget transparency. Appropriate use of its funds which have helped reduce poverty. In addition, it has been noted for its rapid development.

The state is also outstanding for its industrial history. Over the last 60 years, it has built a solid infrastructure. It has a great human capital, possessing specialized talents, with cultural development.

All these factors have made Chihuahua a state with optimal and guaranteed investment conditions.

Chihuahua Global

Chihuahua Global supports the state as the main driver to highlight the capabilities and potential of the industrial sector located in the state. It highlights the growth of its cities, such as Ciudad Juárez, which last year until October registered 27 investments including expansions, new operations, and remodeling, in the following sectors:

  • Electronics
  • Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Household Appliances
  • Plastics
  • Logistics

Thanks to our tangible competitive advantages, investing in Chihuahua is a safe bet, such as being home to highly qualified talent, excellent logistics, and unlimited growth opportunities for your company.

Are you interested? Discover a new land for business opportunities hand by hand with Chihuahua Global, we are ready to help you grow your company!


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