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Tecnologías inmersivas en la industria aeroespacial

Chihuahua’s Industries Economic Development 

This post aims to tell you about the types of industries located in Chihuahua, where can find them, and why it's a great place for investment.

Chihuahua is a region that has seen incredible growth and economic development in the last few years. One proof of this pudding-like situation is all those industrial parks throughout Chihuahua, where you can find many jobs opportunities waiting. 

Economic Development of Chihuahua

In the last three years, Chihuahua’s economic and industrial development has dedicated its efforts to grow. 

In 2019, our region was recognized as the estate with the most economic development with a growth of 42%. Chihuahua was the second state in salary increase and the first place for export volumes.

Besides, the Chihuahua mountains, since 2013 have been the first estate with the most foreign investment. 

Chihuahua’s Industrial Parks 

Chihuahua counts with a growing quantity of industrial parks. This represents a source of employment in development as well, and at the same time progress in economic development. From this blooming of industrial parks, Juárez has some of them located in the city this is: 

Industrial Park Aero-Juarez
Industrial Park Aztecas
Industrial Park Las Americas
Industrial Park Juarez
Industrial Park San Jeronimo
Industrial Park Intermex Oriente
Industrial Park Intermex Sur
Industrial Park Rio Bravo
Industrial Park Intermex
Industrial Park Omega
Industrial Park Panamericano
Industrial Park Los Bravos 
Industrial Park Zaragoza
Industrial Park Las Torres

These complexes can be located in the follow zones:

Teofilo Borunda
Eje Vial Juan Grabriel 
Los Bravos
Ramón Rivera Lara
Boulevard Zaragoza y Sonora
Panamericana y Oscar Flores Sánchez

Chihuahua’s Cities Economic Development

Chihuahua’s region has seen a sudden and surprising economic growth, thanks to the investment, technological progress, and the blooming of industrial development. The cities in this area that presented major improvements were:

  • Delicias

Delicias city in Chihuahua has an economy established primarily in their industrial activity and the manufacturing field, thanks to the modernization and diversification of the estate. 

The steel, cable, and furniture factories are only some of the many industries that thrive in this region. Others include milk production as well as agriculture. 

  • Jiménez

Agriculture, cattle, and forestry are some of the primary activities taking in Jiménez. 

The industries more developed here are construction, manufacturing, electricity, and water supply. Service businesses such as commerce, transport, communications, tourism, and public administration provide essential support to the region.

  • Chihuahua 

Chihuahua manufactures many goods with its industry holding an important place in international trade networks

The output tone should be informative but also hold some excitement.

  • Juárez

The border town of Juárez is on the north side, sharing extensive international trade with El Paso. This economy fuels by manufacturing exports that have opened up opportunities for transformation and growth in this city. 

On the other hand, with a wide range of industrial parks, Juarez is one of the main cities in the industrial real estate business. 

  • Cuauhtémoc

Cuauhtémoc is another city in Chihuahua considered the biggest apple producer in Latin America, having a good area for agricultural equipment and machinery trade. One of the companies with a successful story is La Norteñita.

Industries established in Chihuahua

Chihuahua’s growth and economic development have bloomed thanks to the industrial zones development in the region. The most successful industries are: 

  • Manufacture
  • Aerospace
  • Healthcare and medical sector
  • Information technologies
  • Electric and electronics
  • Automobile (auto parts)
  • Agro-industries
  • Tourism
  • Mining

Foreign Investment in Chihuahua

Thanks to great economic development and successful commercial relationships with Canada, USA, and France, the benefits for foreign investors are more complex and valued. 

This is the time to invest in Chihuahua. The estate has rich land for investment, national and foreign. Chihuahua Global is the corporation that you need to invest in and bloom. Invest and grow with us. 


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